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Message Subject 3 guys walk into a Hotel
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So a TeaParty Member, an Occupier, and a Socialist were
traveling together when they decided they were tired and
stopped at a Hotel.
They went inside and asked the clerk how much for a room.
The rooms were $25, but the clerk needed $5 so he could "put 5
on it" so he told the protestors the room was $30. The
protestors agreed to the price and each paid 10 bucks and went
to the room.
Later the clerk was feeling guilty so he sent the bellhop with the
$5 up to give the protestors their money back.
On the way up, the bellhop thought to himself, hey these folks
dont know the real amount, so he decided to pocket 2 dollars
and ended up giving the protestors $3 back.
The protestors were happy that they each got a dollar back
making it to where they only paid $9 each.
So the protestors each paid $9 for the room and the bellhop
took $2 making the total 29.
Where is the other dollar?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1653538

At the end of the story, the clerk has 25, the bellhop has 2 and the travelers have a refund of 3. Still adds up to the original 30.

The travelers paid 9 each totaling 27, but you don't add the bellhops 2 to that you subtract 2 giving 25, which is what the clerk received.

The final result is the travelers paid 27, the bellhop took 2, giving the clerk 25.

No missing dollar.
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