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Changed my life forever....

dh fireball
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02/18/2013 11:10 AM
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Changed my life forever....
The past two weeks was a different experience for me. Believe it or not i spoke with someone of the Illuminati. This person told me what they have in store for the future. This person also died merely minutes after speaking with me. This person knew they were going to die. We spoke in an odd place. A place of which i cannot give you a name. Apparently this person leaked some hardcore shit about the Illuminati somewhere on the internet. I haven't got to the part that changed my life yet. As far as that goes i'll say this; The American government is distracting us! All this stuff about shooting and gun control, and meteors? HAHA! All that is just a load of shit. Why are there SO many shootings at similar places? The similar places being schools. They planned the shootings to get America all amped up about guns. Thing is, they need the people intake on guns so they can do what THEY want to do with gun control, but in a way that makes it seem as if the people wanted it. It's all game. I was also informed about 'New Technology'. I can't speak to heavily on that topic. I do know that we're exploring planets in relativity 'New Technological' way. As far as weaponry goes, the government is wanting to fuse nuclear power and nano technology together. The nightmare that follows could be the last of the way we live today. Thing will be different and not for the better. You think companies WANT to produce new shit every year? NO! Apple doesn't WANT to come out with a new iPhone every year. Apple knows that the product will get boring after a period of time. Illuminati is forcing them to. Steve Jobs tried to prevent such but in the end died like the rest of the people who tried to go against the Illuminati. Well that's all i'm going to say. It took me a week to type this, because i wanted to choose my words wisely. I'll try to keep everyone updated. Goodbye, and keep your eyes open.
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