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Call of the wolves

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United States
02/18/2013 05:22 PM
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Call of the wolves
I've always had a knack for taking care of animals, especially dogs. When I was young, I remember seeing dogs being abused and I didn't understand why people would want to hurt such a beautiful and intelligent creature. It was my German shepherd who taught me the ways of intuition.

Everything that could go wrong would first be a bad feeling. At 14, I was a wild child trying to escape the authority of my parents. I went with my mother who was never home and couldn't care less whether I was either. My sister filled the gap of my selfishness with a German shepherd lab mix, the runt of the bunch.

When I snapped back one day I went with my dad and stayed with him, not returning to my mothers. It was then that I met her.

She was very small. At only a couple of weeks old, her paws were about as big as her head. She was so dopey, so timid. I fell in love right away. She would curl up as small as a beach ball right next to me every night.

After a few months, when I returned to school, she was getting lonely. She would act out by chewing up papers and toys, and I would beat the hell out of her for it not knowing why it was she had been doing it.

I began to notice she was warning me of things. Anytime I was in trouble or when trouble was brewing with nature, she would howl and be very anxious.

When I moved out of my father's home, I took her with me. She and I reside now in a little home. Life is at a stand still.

Recently, the wolf has been showing itself to me more and more. The avatar I chose is a painting I was given. I've grown a new respect and love for everything, especially my spirit animal, the wolf.

I find myself dreaming of black wolves and wolves howling in vast and drowning sound. I have also cared more for my now 8 year old Cloe.

We will be going west soon and live in a van by choice.

I'm giving up the material, technological lifestyle to return to a life on the move.

The call of the wolf to me is intuition. There is an instinctive reaction within all of us to our surroundings and an intuitive psyche in tune with our archaic past. My past is becoming my present. The passion, the butterflies in my stomach, tell me there's not much time.

We all have a short time on this planet. It's a savage place ruled not by nature and intellect, but instead by deceit and brute force.

I want to live. Cloe wants to live. We are going to spread nothing but love and good deeds, and I'm going to take to writing.

We are living a history unlike any we've ever seen. What was seen in Nazi Germany was only a sample of what is to come.

When everything is about to collapse, undeniably, why stay? Why continue with routine?

These things have been warned of for years, and have been turned into a joke. We feel more invincible with every passing day.

When technology doesn't work, the world will stop. If you are tethered, you too will be brought down.

Assemble your pack. Be the alpha in the life of those you love. Wake them from the slumber, not with force but with love and knowledge.

With every setting moon, howl to the divine just as the wolves do. Ask for forgiveness and be humble with death, as it is another step in this life.

And most importantly, appreciate what beauty you can on this earth. It's all we have left.

The time is NOW. Any later will be too late.
~wolf and moon

Part of a pack one wolf chose to leave
A life like his dreams this wolf chose to weave

On his own in the dark the wolf could not see
Nobody was telling him what to believe

When he questioned what truly made him free
It was always the moonlight guiding thee