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Sandy Hook - Does it really needs to be an Hoax?


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02/20/2013 10:12 PM
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Re: Sandy Hook - Does it really needs to be an Hoax?
Can YOU answer?

Does it really needs to be an Hoax?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7901784

Your question implies a purpose that is fulfilled by creating a hoax. So what is the purpose of the Sandy Hook operation? I would say it is a multipurpose operation that is meant to generate fear, confusion, and insecurity, give a rationale for gun control, punish the parents who persist in believing that vaccines cause autism, confuse the public about autism spectrum disorders, vilify "preppers" and homeschoolers, sell security systems to all public schools, give a few dozen useful idiots 15 minutes of fame, give Obama a chance to emote over white kids to balance out his Trayvon Martin act, promote professional sports (Josephine Gay was apraxic and aphasic but her favorite color was Ravens' purple, and Jack Pinto was buried in a team jersey).

The main purpose, however is the division of the American people into "believers" and "deniers".
 Quoting: Phylax

and violent video games....