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Hazmat situation reported at Detroit wastewater treatment plant

CNN Certainly Not News

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United States
02/18/2013 06:46 PM

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Hazmat situation reported at Detroit wastewater treatment plant
Too much chlorine...I wonder if this was a test to see how long it took to get caught.

Leak happens at facility on West Jefferson Avenue
DETROIT - A hazmat situation was reported Monday morning at Detroitís wastewater treatment plant.

A Detroit Water and Sewage Department said a power drop happened for about 20 minutes at its plant on West Jefferson Avenue.

There was a small chlorine leak, but it never contaminated any public water.

[link to www.clickondetroit.com]

They say the first thing to go is the water.
Will we even know we were alive when we're dead? Me
CNN (certainly no news)

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Don't fuck with the Donald. You'll end up in the "Trump Dumpster"

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Trump 2020