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Message Subject BREAKING *** Massive riots in Bulgaria against the government, electricity and bank mafia *** PIN!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The tipping point is near. The financial crash happened four and a half years ago. Up until now the politicians have been trying to spin it (maybe they actually believed it) as if it was just another, albeit very serious, 'downturn', 'recession' or even 'depression.' The truth is that what happened in late 2008 was non of these things. It was actually the start of the collapse of an entire system that had always been built on fraudulent promises, ridiculous assumptions about perpetual exponential growth, exploitation and debt.

Now, as the masses slowly start to realise that there will be no return to the 'old ways' (simply because it is impossible and never held any sustainability), and they start to think about what it means for them and their families the anger starts. As a few intelligent commentators have pointed out over the last few years, if you can't convince the masses of young people (especially young men) that they can better themselves and their family's lot by working hard inside the system, then they will turn on that system.

Rights and wrongs of civility aside, we cannot seriously believe that several generations (present and future) can have their entire expectations, dreams and chances crushed and taken away, and that they will still 'play along nicely'.
There is a tipping point in everyone's own head. A simple equation. If the point is reached where they see no hope and have nothing to gain from playing along then they will either stop playing or try to start a different game.

It just beggars belief that politicians the world over seem incapable of realising this. Mr Cameron, Mr Obama? What is wrong with your brains? Are you incapable of simple reasoning!?
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