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Message Subject BREAKING *** Massive riots in Bulgaria against the government, electricity and bank mafia *** PIN!
Poster Handle recollector
Post Content
My heart is with my bulgarian neighbours and brothers.Both our countries are under westerv dictatorship.

Do like this :

[link to www.youtube.com]

and you will realize something, not all, but at least something.

The romanian gov. resigned after the riots, and their party barely got 15% in December last year.

The current government will most likely have the same fate or even worst, because they are the same slaves on western interests.

I pray that you guys win.It will be an example.

However, I am afraid that you will do like we did, or greeks, or spaniards, or portugese...and still be in the same SHIT.

This year we must win, or we will be defeated forever by the banksters & Co.

As for the lousy americans (more communists than bulgarians or romanians are), canadians (you miss the money you wanted from romanian gold mines?) and the brits (you guys are "domesticated" by 10 unarmed cops - oyr must be in thousands and in body armor lol) that are posting stupid comments, you guys live like you do now, because of bulgarians, romanians, greeks, and like 100 other countries.
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