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Message Subject BREAKING *** Massive riots in Bulgaria against the government, electricity and bank mafia *** PIN!
Poster Handle Russian guy
Post Content
As a person who is not Bulgarian but who lives in Bulgaria for years and loves this country, I can say that Bulgaria passed thru a LOT of trials on her chosen way towards the EU membership. Now a full member of the EU it is more desperate than ever. Haven't done statistics myself, but it is hard to believe that even 50% of the Bulgarians expected that the EU entrance will make them poorer not richer. No one expected that. Not even the people who were against the EU.

Now the next government goes in the history. But who will make the difference? The next elections will be again agitation and propaganda, but for what real ends? If you love to travel by train, take the train from Budapest to Sofia to notice the difference country by country. Even Serbia that is out of EU looks better.

I just hear on the TV quoting some Czech newspaper that the Czechs would not give money to "every Balkan gangster who wants them". Shame!

Greece riots again. Perhaps Greece and Bulgaria could go together out of the crisis. Aren't they both in the EU and share common border? Where is EU at all when it comes to the common people's real everyday problems? I don't see the EU in Bulgaria. Except for a very limited number of rich people hidden behind blackened windows of most expensive cars.
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