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Message Subject BREAKING *** Massive riots in Bulgaria against the government, electricity and bank mafia *** PIN!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The protests aren't organized by any political party. People are desperate from all the politicians and want to get rid of all of them. In the last 20 years neither the socialists or democrats have worked for the peoples wealth, they only serve to foreign interests.

Actually a large part from the Bulgarians want a Balkan union to be made. Sorry for saying this but no one really likes the west or east /usa, eu or russia/ and everyone is fed up with everything that is going on.

However, time will show what is going to happen. They got 7 days.
 Quoting: gjgosho 17378203

Dud, you think they will allow us to unite?
We was united in YU, but America needs Kosovo, Croatia for NATO, Bosnia for who knows who...Slovenia feels same as you do, we here kinda started anticoruption program, but we still dring poisoned milk, which means that we still are under some sick money freaks.
Only way for this lvl of Consciousness of people is to Nationalize all, BUT< not like China (all family members of Congress are rich etc.
This is 21. century, all should be transparent.
We may all rule, and have all of us on positions which can be changed any time if anyone fuck something.
Re-evolution we need. Not revolution like in history where just another idiots will start to take power and money.
Even Rocks and Shields families may live normal life without damaging all rest.
Never ever again, should people give power to not enlightened person. EVer. If we dont have Saint to rule then it should be done that we, people have control over it.
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