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Message Subject BREAKING *** Massive riots in Bulgaria against the government, electricity and bank mafia *** PIN!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I would ask the Czech "comrades" who now behave as more Western than the Westerners: how did the world react when they did their own transition to democracy and to a much wealthier society? Czech and Poland are the richest among the ex-socialist republics, due to many factors. So now they can forget the poor neighbor. You know, the history never goes one sided only, the politics of the day does, but not the history.

The EU could pour into Greece billions. How couldn't it do so for a tiny Bulgaria with ...now 7 mln people if not counted the immigration? The long reports of EU commission always quote organized crime, that the money disappear, and so on. So why don't they deal with it finally? What profits the common citizen of all that? I listen the politicians on the TV and at one moment I stopped it. No one said: I will rise the salaries and cut the bills. This way leads to a disaster, much bigger than Bulgaria alone. And the history of Europe knows of such disasters not that long ago.
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