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The Hunger Games for real in your Town or City.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 34686513
United Kingdom
02/18/2013 07:41 PM
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The Hunger Games for real in your Town or City.
Here's the inside info from a long serving bank worker (don't shoot the messenger)

I worked for a large multi-national that was hit by the very-predictable credit crunch. A year before that, I watched Andy Hornby telling his top executives to "keep selling the credit". I was astounded to hear this as I'd been following the US markets.

He was being interviewed by a Jeremy Paxman at a private performance in Sadler's Wells 2007. 300+ execs were present and a team of organizers. We all stayed in £450 a night hotels and travelled 1st class.

I knew he was implicated because I'd worked in his office.
I saw him wearing crumpled shirts with rings under his eyes. He was young, impressionable and also a patsy. He was also a nice guy.

He knew nothing of banking but lots about retail. That's at the point when banks converted to "Retail Banking" or the packaging of untailored loans and mortgages that the customer has to choose "from the shelf"

They dragged him up in front of Justice Levison to answer questions he had no details of.

When he worked in the bank, he had five personal assistants from all arms of the bank. We performed "live question sessions - Ask Andy" for the employees to ask him anything directly.
Small PR tricks like this re-assured most employees that they weren't seeing the system crumble.

Now all the banks have ultra low interest rates to play with, they are selling off every department they don't need in-house.
Not always a good idea. They already lost billions selling their Aussie BankWest to their competitors.

If you have savings, your money will soon be worthless.

The only investments you should be speculating in now is physical goods.

How and when and where are details I don't have. I know it's imminent in certain areas. Thousands in the UK are already living in squalor. The grand plan is to leave you all fighting over the last scraps of food and sanitation.

The shortages will be localized to begin with, but soon national shortages will see 3rd world style rations.

If you're not locked safely away when this happens, then be prepared to defend what you have left.

If you know what's coming next you will have either spent all your money on something lavish or will be exchanging your bank savings for paper money, coins, tools, food, bricks, generators, guns, oil, water, bottles, cans, wood, lighters, plastic, glass,.

anything that is useful, beautiful, edible, malleable, drinkable weaponizable, ass-wipeable..

The pounds, dollars and euros in your bank account are about to become devalued.

Me? I'm doing both. Stocking up on a couple of weeks of food so I can watch the "Crashes" from my front room.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 34686513
United Kingdom
02/18/2013 08:04 PM
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Re: The Hunger Games for real in your Town or City.
I should have stressed that the banking systems are not responsible for this.
They are just part of the money supply system which is being regulated now because "their customers were being greedy and irresponsible."

When the going is good, everyone wins but we end up with too much liquid assets in the system.

If they can't "delete" these reservoirs of money, then it can be used to sabotage their top-down control system.

So that's why the middle classes are being targeted now. They have savings and good credit ratings.

The poor will eat the rich one day.

Welcome to your local Zombie Camp where the Zombies are just desperate to eat pork or something that tastes similar..

Where did all the fat people come from?