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Message Subject Sandy Hook-Phelps/Bloomberg addendum: Richard Sexton(darkhair) Patrick Sexton(bald/grey hair)
Poster Handle Eberechuku
Post Content
The mutual friends is such a chilling discovery.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34662446

I got chills over that one. I accidentally posted this not logged in and then reposted it logged in, thought i could delete this but i guess not since it wasn't logged? i'm a forum newb. should i delete the one i was logged in as or is there a way to scrap this one?
 Quoting: Eberechuku

I scrapped the logged one. whatever...

If you notice in the picasa album, there is a man who is cited to be "Patrick Sexton" who is NOT Patrick Sexton
[link to picasaweb.google.com (secure)]

^that's a photo thrown in by "The TruthExposed" aka DallasShitBug with a bogus caption. That IS, in fact, as it says, Jeffrey Katzenberg but has nothing to do with Patrick Sexton - that is a fucking random distraction and false.

My point in pointing this Richard / Patrick thing out is because obviously everyone was calling Nick Phelps, Richard Sexton. Richard and Patrick i'm guessing are brothers. They look identical, Patrick is bald (everyone was saying that Richard had gone bald overtime - false), Patrick is gay, Richard is married to Jennifer, each are shown with their own children bla bla bla... What i did not find was any kind of facebook page for Richard Sexton that was public or semi-public.

I sound redundant but Nick Phelps is Patrick Sexton if he's a Sexton ton ton ton ton ton ton ton ton.
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