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Message Subject Sandy Hook-Phelps/Bloomberg addendum: Richard Sexton(darkhair) Patrick Sexton(bald/grey hair)
Poster Handle Ahatmose
Post Content
HELLO?!?! Stop this. We\'ve already PROVEN Jennifer and Richard Sexton are \"The Phelpses.\" Other muddying not needed or appreciated:


Anyone else noticing the spate of other \"lookalikes\" being pushed suddenly to try to muddy the waters that we have PROOF from clear photographic evidence (from David ekcI--reverse that previous word-- DOT com) that the \"Phelpses\" of Sandy Hook are indeed Richard and Jennifer Greenberg Sexton, and that \"Rachel D\'Avino\" is another Greenberg relation?

The spooks are definitely planting a whole bunch of new threads here and everywhere to try to detract us all from the basic fact that WE\'VE GOT THEM DEAD TO RIGHTS in these two instances, and they know it.

You can see the REAL PROOF at the previously mentioned website. The D\'Avino photos are under Forums>Main Forums> Today\'s News>School shooting in Connecticut, post #3643

Same thread has the proof photos on the \"Phelpses\"...post 3198.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 322602

look-alikes aren't proof. are you in 5th grade? cocktail photo of phelps doesn't even look like Richard and Jennifer. Turn them in with your proof or go back to well aware dot come.
 Quoting: Eberechuku 30410236

Excuse me but would you please stfu and YOU go back to where YOU came from.

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