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The Horns And Sky Noises Are LZ's For Meteors

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United States
02/19/2013 01:46 AM
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The Horns And Sky Noises Are LZ's For Meteors
The places where large horn noises, screeching and groaning over the past couple of years, are going to be the strike zones for meteors or synthetic meteors.
Each of these areas will be stricken just as did in Russia, one of Russia's areas that had sky horn blasts not too long back.

The intensity will very, some worse, some not so, but non the less, will be strike zones in those areas. I even live within one of those areas. I dreamed of the horns before the horns and during. Those dreams later became these things falling to the ground. Though I thought the dreams were of craft in the skies, shooting at places on the ground, it became clear a couple days ago, it was not crafts.
The one that strikes near my home in the dream, lucid dreams or during state of meditation, is a huge fire storm. Walls of flames the hieghts of skyscrapers. There are dreams of nasty quakes, much stronger than the two Los Angeles quakes I were in while living in Southern California. Large, very large fisures that seperate large metro cities, taking many buildings and homes.
There are also tidal waves, in places that look like resort coastlines as well as rocky or cliff style coastlines. Though these occur all over the Earth, they don't appear related to the horn blowing.
There are rain storms too, that strip paint from cars and turn sidewalks into mush. People scream when getting wet. People hide, trample others running to hide. Will become difficult to find safe drinking water. Bad, very bad water shortages, people sell, trade all belongings to get safe water, Gangs will control most water.
The signs of it beginning to get worse is after the cold spell and the first intense heat wave that sets records in many areas of the USA with digital sign thermometers showing temps above 120* F. USA will break records set in Australia. Long, very long periods of heat many areas without power, many die because of the heat. This will be this spring. The Indy 500 will be cancelled too, due to heat.