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Message Subject If you believe chemtrails are real . . . what source of information has reinforced your belief most?
Poster Handle and another eyewittness
Post Content
i ve read about them in summer of 2006 on glp and i thought it was pure paranoid bs.

then i saw it with my own eyes in summer 2008. one plane trailing around above our city on a bright sunny day, making it cloudy for the rest of the day

same thing happened, when i went outside of the city a few days later. i saw two planes and they were flying north-south and making u turns. again, they made a sunny day cloudy.
since then, i ve seen them regularly and i am glad if there is a sunny day without them at all, mostly when there is strong wind.

since then, i have also watched a scientific conference in holland about them on a video a couple of years back.
and i ve read some scientific documents about them.
and i have been in contact with people all over the world describing them, and also i ve seen hundreds of photos and videos of them...

seeing them with my own eyes was crucial.

one day for instance a couple of years back, some friends and me were staring at the clear blue sky, enjoying the view and then there came a plane and spurred this shat out and we saw clearly the heavy particles coming down and almost separating from the lighter ones. we stayed there for a couple of hours and longer, so we could clearly see, how the trail was slowly descending and spreading, then later joining other trails, that had spread from other sides of the sky and were hardly noticed before... since then, also those friends present, who thought this was just bs, like i did before, have said that chemtrails were undisputable...
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