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Message Subject If you believe chemtrails are real . . . what source of information has reinforced your belief most?
Poster Handle George B
Post Content
: How were you introduced to the concept of the Chemtrail conspiracy?

Introduced? Well it ain't like its a fucking private club or some person named Ralph. Frigging rats cock, introduced? I was never introduced merely forced into knowing about while tilting my head backwards perhaps? Frigging introduced, tell me something Joseph, do you get introduced to cancer? I wonder, does it tell you fucking bedtime stories huhh?
 Quoting: CaptiveR 9015514

Hmmmm . . . I am not judging anyone's opinion. . . .glad you know what feel about the subject. . . .It is my opinion no matter what the potential scientific explanations are for what people see in the sky. . . they have a strong reaction to it. . . .

The reaction is primeval and intuitive. . . like something is wrong. . . this should not be this way. . . so no amount of alternative possible explanations are going to change that reaction. . . . I am not saying the reaction is wrong. . . It is part of our survival evolution. . . the sky was part of our early warning system. . . .Wow!!! Here comes a storm, forest fire, dust from the enemy, blizzard, violent weather. . . .it is who we are . . . .grinning
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