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Message Subject If you believe chemtrails are real . . . what source of information has reinforced your belief most?
Poster Handle George B
Post Content
IMO. . . .the chemtrail conspiracy persists because of human intuition. . . .

Intuition most likely has its origins in ancestral instincts for survival and adaptation. There is no way that our human ancestors could have survived without intuition. There could not have been much conscious thinking before speech evolved, some 250,000 years ago, yet Pithecanthropus erectus goes back some 4.5 minion years. Old Pith could not possibly have survived predators or such natural threats as the melting of the ice age without intuitive decisions-where to make a fire, when to store meat, when to move to the highlands. There was no time for thinking or laborious logic. Responses often had to be instantaneous. The sound of movement in the brush required an immediate reaction. Those who failed to respond were removed from the gene pool by voracious predators. For Old Pith, intuition was likely the only form of organized preverbal intelligence.

[link to www.psychologytoday.com]
 Quoting: George B

Thread: Has intuition saved your life or prevented considerable pain and suffering. . .?

POLL: Has intuition saved your life or prevented considerable pain and suffering. . .?
5) Yes. . .  Intuition is based on at least two of the above  (#2, #3 and # 4)   35.0% (21)
1) Yes . . . Please specify by posting details   26.7% (16)
2) Yes . . . Intuition is based on personally obtained conscious and primarily subconscious (subliminal) knowledge   15.0% (9)
3) Yes. . . Intuition is based on subconscious information transmitted to you by external sources. . . Paranormal   10.0% (6)
4) Yes. . .Intuition is based on a subconscious weighting and sifting process of data observed but not acknowledged   5.0% (3)
9) No. . . Intuition is no more than a good guess and luck   3.3% (2)
6) Maybe . . . Please specify by posting details   1.7% (1)
7)  Don't Know . . .   1.7% (1)
8) No . . . Intuition is pure bunk. . . .   1.7% (1)
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