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Message Subject If you believe chemtrails are real . . . what source of information has reinforced your belief most?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I don't think that you understand that I don't have to prove anything to anyone. That's not what I'm doing, I don't care if you think everything in the world is a contrail. Hee heee....Maybe cotton candy is really a contrail..
 Quoting: vtcw 37105744

So you expect everyone to take your word on faith. As if your proclamations carry more weight than any scientific evidence. I will ask but expect the question will be ignored since no chemtrail believer has yet to answer, what is your science background?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 36488183

Apparently she doesn't expect us to do anything with her statements. She's just letting us know what se saw...like a kid with Down's telling the world he has a cookie...

She doesn't want debate....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30170064

Why would I debate with someone on here that I don't know a thing about. That doesn't seem very logical. If you don't believe me, so be it, not a big deal.

And please give me back my cookie. huffy
 Quoting: vtcw 37105744

Lol! The funny thing is, no one wants to debate you! You obviously see contrails, and use your limited education and propensity to believe in conspiracy theories to come to a conclusion based on assumption and anecdotal "evidence" you have accepted as truth from other chemtards. The fact remains, you have no evidence that any trail you've seen is anything more than a contrail.

You're here to lend support to George...we get it...and don't care.

Personally, I'd rather discuss the subject with a rock than with you.

But, the truth IS a big deal...and needs to be posted alongside the lies and stupid nonsense the chemtards post as truth.

There is no debate.

Have you seen evidence that anyone has flown through a trail that you, or any other chemtard has seen, and found it to contain anything more than water vapor and combustion gases?! Nope!

That's the truth! You can call them "chemtrails" but it's a lie!

Jesus isn't gonna like that!
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