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Message Subject If you believe chemtrails are real . . . what source of information has reinforced your belief most?
Poster Handle George B
Post Content

There are only about three things all atmospheric scientists agree on and they are . . .

1) The concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere is much higher now than it was when we stated measuring it . . .
2) Cirrus Clouds are a net warmer of the Troposphere . . .
3) Aircraft contrails cause a net increase in Cirrus clouds . . .

Now my list . . .

1) IPCC and the aircraft industry have known for years they were dramatically increasing cirrus clouds world wide . . .
2) It is cheaper for them not to address the problem
3) I don't like cheapskates .
 Quoting: George B

Oh, you are blaming the CO2 levels all on aviation?!

I don't like those who spread fear....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30170064

I never said that . . . I said the increase in CO2 was one of the three things atmospheric Scientists would agree on . . . another do
 Quoting: George B

But george, we ARE discussing contrails...who asked you anything about CO2?

And why didn't you mention your favorite, sulfur?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30170064

Do I have to explain everything to you!!! . . . I was making a point that scientist agree on very little . . . but one thing they do not question is that cirrus clouds have a net warming effect . . . and of course along with CO2 has increased . . . huffy

Oh yeah . . . sulfur is their ace in the hole . . . if all else fails they can inject sulfur into the stratosphere if they haven't already . . . wakeup
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