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Message Subject Mississippi Finally Ratifies the Amendment to Ban Slavery 148 Years Later....confederate rebel
Poster Handle pinkshirtguy
Post Content
Uhhhh Mississippi is definitely not the least racist place I've lived.

I have had several black people say things about their mindset towards white people that shocked me. Now, don't get me wrong I can't disagree with a lot of it when you consider only 50 years ago whites and blacks were being desegregated, so its still fresh in the minds of elders.

one customer told me his landlord didn't want to rent a black guy. Same customer also told me specific employees of mine are not allowed to handle his account (surprise- they were all white that he named). Daryl dedmon, that white kid who drive to the city at 5am and murdered a black guy by running him over (he has a history of fucking with black people apparently, but I don't know him so...)

you can see the separation in my office building. Its crazy how obvious it is.

I have also seen a lot of people who are also not phased by skin color. These people without question far outnumber those that are blatantly racist though. So, I don't agree its the least racist, but I do agree its not nearly as prominent as my friends back in ny wish to believe.
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