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Cost Atending UK/USA Summit - Cameron About $100 ...Obama About $200,000

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 33130922
02/19/2013 01:42 PM
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Cost Atending UK/USA Summit - Cameron About $100 ...Obama About $200,000
When David Cameron came to the USA, he travelled to meet Obama at a restaurant by Train. For the same meeting, Obama travelled by Air Force One with loads of bodyguards.

The BBC costed it out.

The trip cost USA Taxpayers about $200,000

The Trip cost British Taxpayers about $100

...And many even Brits even wrote to the Prime Minister's office asking why he couldn't have taken Economy Class and saved even more.

Now Obama's spent $989,207 on golf.


He doesn't give a f**k about you.

You live in cardboard boxes in drug-soaked, guntoting gangland whilst he lives the life... all at your expense!