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Message Subject Newtown Town Clerk Seeks to Block Access To Sandy Hook Death Certificates
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Pozner and Pinto were “open” (and closed to the public) … that is according to the O.S.
 Quoting: Emperor Constantine

[link to www.vice.com]

What do you think of this guy's story? He claims to actually have seen Jack Pinto's face in an open casket.
 Quoting: Stickywicket

I think he's lying his ass off:

(article published on 12/19/12)
“[...] The resident who mentioned the harassment identified himself only as Thomas, […]
Thomas told me he’d been friendly acquaintances with the perpetrator’s older brother Ryan since they both attended Sandy Hook Elementary School, where the shooting occurred. The two weren’t close, but would hang out occasionally at the diner and such. He never even knew Ryan had a sibling until now. “I feel bad,” Thomas said. “Ryan’s name is scarred for life.” As for Adam’s background, he told me, “no one wants to talk about that.”


Not only are salient details of the funeral conspicuously absent, but notice the details reflective of the consensus view of the 'official story' at that time. Last I heard Ryan & Adam were home-schooled and did not attend S.H. Elementary School.

The guy probably just rode around in his car thinking up shit to write.
The comments under his article are indicitive of his lack of success with that...
 Quoting: Emperor Constantine

everything vice put out in the last year or so reeks of disinfo....infested with dirty money and people since 2011.. pretty obvious if you look at the latest stuff they put out... level..
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