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Message Subject Newtown Town Clerk Seeks to Block Access To Sandy Hook Death Certificates
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
From the Newtown Bee:

"As a result, Ms Aurelia began working with Representatives Dan Carter and Mitch Bolinsky and the leadership of the state association of town clerks to craft a bill that would provide the press and public with limited directory information from death and marriage records, but would withhold the actual death and marriage certificates from review except by legally entitled immediate family members or their representatives.

... Ms Weimann remembered one of the first calls she received requesting access to victims’ records.

“This one caller said, ‘I want to know how they died.’ And he knew he could request that information under the current law,” Ms Weimann said. “But I feel it’s my responsibility to protect these victims. They’ve been through enough

[link to newtownbee.com]
 Quoting: Gladio

This is a fantastic, red-herring distraction.

They do this to give us the idea that real people really died.

I recommend ignoring this and instead focusing on the FACT that actors played the roles of victims in this shooting (and most shootings in the past).
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