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OC Shooting spree that killed 4 gets interesting!!!

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United States
02/20/2013 06:23 PM
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OC Shooting spree that killed 4 gets interesting!!!
Hello everyone,

I do not post very much on here very much so forgive me if this is a poorly executed thread. I wanted to bring some attention to an event that happened yesterday...

Ali Syed 20yr old male from Ladera Ranch CA went on a shooting spree yesterday. The shootings began around 5:45am in the home that he shares with his parents. His parents heard the gun shots and then proceeded to leave their home and call the police.

Ali killed a young woman in his home yesterday morning. the woman has only been identified as a 20 something year old from Orange County. He then fled his home drove over thirty minutes to try to car jack people leaving 3 more dead and one more injured. After stealing a truck from his last victim Ali proceeded to get on the freeway, then exit the freeway only to jump from the vehicle while it was still in motion to blows his brains out in front of cops and on lookers.

[link to www.ibtimes.com]

[link to www.huffingtonpost.com]

[link to www.ocregister.com]

So the most strange thing about this is that one of the gentlemen Melvin Edwards who lost his life yesterday was the CEO of a company called Rubicon Gear.
"Rubicon Gear provides contract-manufacturing solutions that enable production of the highest precision power-transmission and motion-control components available".

The front page of their website use to have a picture of a drone and other really cool looking military planes and helicopters. There is all types of interesting technology this company has and they help out our military by providing them with some of this high tech gear as well as other various fortune 500 companies.

[link to www.rubicon-gear.com]

They recently teamed up with another company that provides "disaster response and humanitarian missions"

[link to teamrubiconusa.org]

Another strange anomaly of this is that Ali Syed's mother (Sarwat Syed) was accused of a hit and run which injured a four year old girl. Her court date was set for this month.

[link to www.ocregister.com]

The Police have not released at least two of the victims names. They have also said that the shootings were all random. What was the boys motive? What are the chances of the CEO of a company who specializes in military gear and was heavily involved with the military to be struck down in an event like this? I would like to find out the names of the other victims but it looks unlikely.

Come GLP dig!
Gigolo Jesus

User ID: 34833590
United States
02/20/2013 06:28 PM
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Re: OC Shooting spree that killed 4 gets interesting!!!
It was covered ad nauseum

Thread: Breaking! Southern California under attack! Multiple gun shootings!!!

Thread: Another possible government contractor killed ?

4 Dead:

1) Ali Syed
2) Melvin Edwards
3) Jeremy Lewis
4) Courtney Aoki

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