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Message Subject The Most Bizarre "Love Police" video I have seen. Some help interpreting?
Poster Handle DontBeAfraidEVER
Post Content
Ive actually started to rethink a lot of stories lately, and by stories i mean these conspiracys that i say i NEVER EVER browse anymore ^^

Anyways haha, i just feel sometimes that theres a hidden meaning behind much of it.

That we have help, and lots of it, which we dont understand.

I belive some people create hate on purpose, to make people think this world is totally crazy, but they do it because they want you to wake up and see how bad it really has become.

I belive SOME of the bad things posted here is actually intended as help.

I cant really point out any specific story, i just feel it, if you know what i mean hehe =)

Its a vague vague feeling i have.
 Quoting: DontBeAfraidEVER

I know what you mean. I think a lot of conspiracies have metaphorical roots. Some of the connections they help us make are useful, while others can be misleading. Hard to know where to draw the line sometimes.

I'm not sure to what degree the problems we face are a consequence of 'intention' per se. I think a lot of the people in powerful places aren't very well informed/are severely misled. And I think it might be a self-propagating consequence of the way the political/financial systems are designed.

I think these feelings translate to questions about just how deep the rabbit hole goes? :)
 Quoting: Parabola

Yes what we are talking about now is a part of the rabbit hole ^^ You can interpret things in so many ways its almost scary.

In fact i tried to ressonate with some of what you said, but i went down the rabbithole, and i saw that i would never get finished!

So i deleted it :P

Its why its called the rabbit hole =)
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