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Message Subject The Most Bizarre "Love Police" video I have seen. Some help interpreting?
Poster Handle DontBeAfraidEVER
Post Content
Yes what we are talking about now is a part of the rabbit hole ^^ You can interpret things in so many ways its almost scary.

In fact i tried to ressonate with some of what you said, but i went down the rabbithole, and i saw that i would never get finished!

So i deleted it :P

Its why its called the rabbit hole =)
 Quoting: DontBeAfraidEVER

Can't be scared of the rabbit hole - but we do need to be sure to approach it well-equipped, and use the right tools to probe. hf

(it is funny where this thread has wandered)
 Quoting: Parabola

Im not scared of the rabbit hole, i love the rabbit hole =)

I can tell you that ive problably used about 5000 hours on reading conspiracys, before i woke up to how stupid it was =)

So i know a lot about this world, more than most i think. People tend to think i know nothing but love.

I have my opinions about the rabbit hole, but its so large, and i could explain it if i wanted, but i would have to write 10 pages to connect the dots i would want to connect =)

And in a way ive just accepted this world as crazy, i dont know to need every reason why and how. Ive spent so much time on that, and it has given me very little =)
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