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Almost Time To Buy More Silver

Offer Upgrade

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United States
02/20/2013 10:55 PM
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Almost Time To Buy More Silver
It's at a reasonable price today, $28.66/oz. I would think if you can get it for $25 you should load up. I'm going to give it until Saturday and see where it is.

[link to www.kitco.com]

For those of us small timers who can't afford to buy gold, silver is a great way to start a small savings acct or to trade when the economy gets worse and nobody wants the US dollar.

Just a thought, maybe food would be a better investment. I do know that it's time to do something other than wait around and hope things work out

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Dr. AculaModerator
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02/20/2013 11:04 PM

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Re: Almost Time To Buy More Silver
people need some form of back up... cos if the economy crashes... its gonna be a hard time...

thats fairly decent price for silver :)

my question though... why would someone accept silver or gold as payment?

whats stopping them from killing and/or robbing you?

I personally dont think people are going to be honest... its gonna be a take what you can and give nothing in return world.

so food, water and weapons is my plan of back up.

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