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Message Subject Bill in congress to detain Americans in camps if "Obama" declares an emergency!?!?!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I posted a link above in another post. What I am quoting is Internment and Resettlement Camp PDF.

It's quite lovely.
 Quoting: Skepticnumberone

So the passage has nothing to do with the bill talking about US based emergency centers?

I've looked through the bill. I couldn't find any mention of 'detaining' anyone.

Did I miss it? Or is it just not there?
 Quoting: J_

That's what it is, FEMA internment camps. It's the alleged handbook.

More info

[link to www.picassodreams.com]
 Quoting: Skepticnumberone


internment camps are noting new to americka

the japanese were rounded up in WW II and bused to them

THey were treated like prisoners of war

barbed wire, could not leave camps and deaths did occur

many japanese never got their confiscated property back after the war (WW II)

I don't understand why so many deny

this could not be a plan again

I wish people would read their own history and

wake the hell up!!
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