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Message Subject Bill in congress to detain Americans in camps if "Obama" declares an emergency!?!?!
Poster Handle LT Prepper
Post Content
bump bump bump

Shit's getting real, folks. Know where you stand, and who stands with you in your AO (area of operations).

Be ready to evade and resist the jack-boots while in transition - have all your essentials packed out and ready to go on zero notice; cache supplies in alternate locations to facilitate evasion of suprise attack/action against you and yours.

Arrange and maintain daily calls with friends in your community where 'no call' by a specified time immediately means you are detained/engaged by hostiles...

Do every other thing apropriate to prepare for open hostilities, now.

It may not break open this week, next week, or even next month; or you may wake up tomorrow to a whole new world, and a loud banging on your door...
Be Prepared
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