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Message Subject Bill in congress to detain Americans in camps if "Obama" declares an emergency!?!?!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If there is an emergency?

What kind of an emergency requires a camp?

When Sandy happened FEMA left home owners in (their own) tents on the side of the road, some are still there!

I am afraid that I know what Obama's emergency looks like, and it doesn't involve natural disasters or weather! This shit is scary!!

[link to www.westernjournalism.com]

[link to yourdaddy.net]

the bill...
[link to www.govtrack.us]
 Quoting: RightMama

I think I know what it is too. Dare I say "The Event" or purhaps "The Happening", maybe even "Threshold". Since I'm on a roll let's consider "Last Resort" or even "Skyline".
In either case it's gonna get REALLY HOT DOWN HERE, REALLY SOON! So be prepared and be prayed up buttercup! BaZINGA!
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