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Message Subject Bill in congress to detain Americans in camps if "Obama" declares an emergency!?!?!
Poster Handle RightMama
Post Content
Ding... Ding... Ding...ding... WE have a winner!

YOU are on the money Cowboy! Anyone who reads that and does not understand is either involved or too stupid to bother with!!

So either we agree with your interpretation that 'other needs' means detaining Americans despite no mention whatsoever in te entire bill of detaining anyone.....or you ignore any reply?

Yeah, your interpretation isn't one that does well when faced with contradiction. Best pretend none exists.
 Quoting: J_

There were others posting on my thread from others doing a beautiful job of answering your question.

J, this is a conspiracy theory website.
You are right, the bill doesn't specifically say we will make these camps to detain people. But there are MANY who believe that is exactly what they are for.

My theory is that the bill was introduced for nefarious reasons. That the government has an agenda with these kinds of actions. Just like... ordering hundreds of thousands of bullets, while working on laws to take away 2nd amendment rights.

Your opinion is valid. But if you have such a problem with these opinions why are you on this site? What are your conspiracy theories?

These sorts of actions by our government are some of the things that scare me the most about the world today. Not earthquakes, or market crashes.

Why does FEMA, which is a government funded organization, need a special bill to build "camps" in case of a declared "emergency"? Isn't that what they are supposed to do already. FEMA stands for Federal EMERGENCY Management Agency.

It is the word DECLARED that has me worried. Most of us can recognize an emergency when we see one. We don't need a special bill that allows powers to this or any president allowing them to take actions against citizens, just because they "say so".
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