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Quebec to Ban The Word "Pasta" For Being Not French Enough

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02/21/2013 12:50 AM

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Quebec to Ban The Word "Pasta" For Being Not French Enough
Here's a ridiculous story for you, my dear GLP friends. With all that is happening in our world and beyond, the following occurs in my province of birth:

Quebec language cops don't like the Italian in an Italian restaurant menu

MONTREAL - Mamma Mia! The word “pasta” is a little too Italian for Quebec’s language cops.

They’d prefer something more in the language of Moliere than Michaelangelo when it comes to menus, even in Italian restaurants.

“Pasta” wasn’t the only word that left a sour taste when they recently chewed over the menu at Buonanotte, a trendy Italian restaurant in Montreal. There were several other words that didn’t have enough of a French flavour for the Office Quebecois de la language francaise.

Read more: [link to www.montrealgazette.com]

So, Quebecers have responded with a campaign against Premier Marois. Hilarious photos of Marois have been posted directly to her facebook page. Check it out here while you can, no doubt they will be removed in the morning when her staff returns to work.....Or......maybe not?!?!?!?

[link to www.facebook.com (secure)]

Ba ha ha ha ha ha!!

Canadian F

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Nobody told me there'd be days like these....Strange days indeed!

"It is our innate solidarity - not some despotism of the sky - that is our source of morality and sense of decency."
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I LOVE science and I LOVE space but I am hugely skeptical and don't trust a word NASA says.

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02/21/2013 12:57 AM
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Re: Quebec to Ban The Word "Pasta" For Being Not French Enough
I fart in the general direction of the Quebecois.
Pretentious land-grabbers.