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Stock futures down across the world. Is the collapse about to begin?

Artaius San

User ID: 30721591
02/21/2013 02:46 PM
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Re: Stock futures down across the world. Is the collapse about to begin?
Thanks for pointing that out.
I knew there were important things going on, but couldn´t put it all together like that.

Other way round, Pluto moves into Capricorn..
 Quoting: Artaius San

Ponder these additional factors though.

Pluto in saggitarius (jupiter's sign rules conventional religion) 3-95 through 1-08 (13 years) exposed a lot of religious institutions and figures for sexual (pluto) crimes. But it didn't collapse the institutions themselves.

Pluto in capricorn 1-08 through 4-23 begins with Pluto in the sign of governments in saturn's sign capricorn and saturn is in Scorpio pluto's sign. That is quite intensely strong and DELIBERATE together.
MUTUAL RECEPTION meaning they reinforce the energy of something planned and deliberate. So you might call that planned demolition in certain structures of government to create another structure. Structure of power.
Plus pluto and saturn are nuclear destruction of structures as well when in aspect as they are now.
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There will come a time when you believe everything ends.
This will be the beginning
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