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Message Subject Coffee Klatch
Poster Handle Texan Buckeye
Post Content
Bout time you showed up TB. LOL. Thought of you earlier and how crafty you are and here you are talking about making burp cloths. Was thinking what fun to make little tiny things for babies, and those little velcro diapers came to mind. They're really expensive to buy, but not much to make them. I think the brand name is Bummies?? Not sure, but you can make liners, use different materials, have a cover of wool or whatever you want.

If your buy the baby material, they have some of the cutest patterns in the fabric. You can get a free copy of the pattern online I think. Even if the kids didn't want them now, if they run out of disposables some night when they're exhausted, they'd love having a few of them.

Another cute thing is taking a dish towel, cutting out a neck, leaving some to go over the shoulder, folding up the bottom for a little pocket, and sewing trim on it.

You must be so excited!
 Quoting: Nine's

You know what's funny? I bought a discounted book at Hobby Lobby a month ago with the patterns and directions on how to make the fitted diapers and swimmies! We saw them at Target already made. I've been looking all over for instructions to make all kinds of things! I found some really cool bibs, too. I found a couple of different ways to finish off fleece blankets that I'm going to make as soon as I find my rotary cutter and mat. I hope it's not in storage!
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