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Message Subject Coffee Klatch
Poster Handle Nine's
Post Content
That's awesome TB. My post was edited to add the website. Looks like you can buy diaper materials from them now. It used to be that you had to look high and low to find diaper flannel and wool that was soft enough, yet absorbent for a baby. Here's a link to some free patterns. You might already have it. There's a cute little diaper pouch and changing pad among other things.
[link to www.allfreesewing.com]
 Quoting: Nine's

I have that one! There's ton's of free patterns for everything out there. I LOVE the internet! You should see all the free crochet and knitting patterns out there, too. I even found a few sites that have antique patterns. Some, my grandma made years ago. Now I can remake a couple of things she made.
 Quoting: Texan Buckeye

Figured you would! HA! I love the free patterns too. Was trying to find, or even think of the name of a quilt pattern I got online quite a few years ago. It was so simple and looks so awesome when you're done. By simply doing different colors, or arranging them differently, you can have many quilts that are each unique with the same pattern. It was just squares. You cut the square diagonally to make two triangles. Dang, I'm not going to be able to explain it. You sew triangles of two different colors together with the point inward and it ends up looking like a star pattern. The baby ones take longer because you make such tiny squares, but they are just gorgeous when you're finished.
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