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list of internet sites / videos etc. exposing zionism which have disappeared

but not at GLP !
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02/21/2013 08:32 PM
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list of internet sites / videos etc. exposing zionism which have disappeared
how many internet sites, pages, videos, etc. which exposed the jewish conspiracy for world domination / zionism have disappeared ?

lets make a list

i'll start

* frank weltner's real zionist news, was a series of videos on youtube which discussed in particular double standards in the media when it comes to zionism, and general relevant news

-- google 'frank weltner's real zionist news' to learn more

* archive of revealing photos of holocaust, including some doctored holocaust propaganda photos, for example one that took the image of hitler from a photo in which he is smiling during a meeting with a foreign leader, and places it instead smiling amongst emaciated concentration camp dead. a really amazing an eye-opening collection. there is nothing like catching one side of an argument in a clear and intentional LIE to make you begin to question all of their claims

it's gone now, a great loss

[link to finalsolution88.com]

naturally it's not in the internet archive either. they've long since learned to make sure to make any internet archive copies, if they exist, inaccessible as well.

**** well i barely got started, there are 100s of examples.

anyone care to add more ?