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BREAKING: Catholic hospital in BRAZIL accused of stealing newborn baby from mother's womb!

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02/21/2013 10:04 PM
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BREAKING: Catholic hospital in BRAZIL accused of stealing newborn baby from mother's womb!
Thousands of news stations are reporting about this alarming case where a catholic hospital told the pregnant mother, upon being received in the emergency room to deliver, that her pregnancy has been psychological...yet she received ultrasounds, and regular check ups evidencing she was pregnant with a 7 lb baby girl...the hospital is CATHOLIC named
Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Mauá (Portuguese for House of Mercy - Maua, Brazil)....
which I am certain rings a bell to you if you followed the McAleese report published in Ireland last week admitting that the Sisters of Mercy enslaved women and stole their babies and sold them into adoption.....it will also ring a bell if you see BBC documentary "Spains Stolen Babies" which evidenced the 300,000 stolen babies were stolen in catholic hospitals.....
and in Australia where the catholic nuns were forced to "apologize" for having stolen over 150,000 babies in catholic hospitals and mother baby homes.....the nuns forged documents to sell the babies. They did the same in Ireland as documented in the book "Banished Babies" by Mike Milkotte and also in USA as evidenced in Dan Rather Reports: Adopted or Abducted? where catholic nuns forced women to give up their babies into adoption, then they would turn around and sell the baby for astronomical profits....
[link to www.vaticancrimes.us]

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