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Message Subject Is the Nobody God in the flesh once again????
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
God's spirit was poured on him when he was born.

What this means and what it doesnt mean?

It is certainly something rare and divine.

But in no way put him at the same standard as Jesus.

For having the spirit of God he inherited God's righteousness and his human traits possibly ressemble what one would expect if they were to walk with God in the flesh. From behaviour in society to moral standards.

Lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Jesus was atleast 2 "levels" higher, from the signals shown at the age of 12 and from the event that superseeded being baptized by John. If you guys know what Im talking about.

Thats why you cant say Nobody is God in the flesh.

Thats why he is described as just a light, while Jesus was many times reffered as the light.

The last servant, King of Jews is just a King, brought to judge the gentiles in the last days, to be one of the tests (thats why we cant talk about it openly, unless you are within the group of people who also were chosen to see him and there is a bunch of people on GLP. But none can go around telling their family and friends about it), of many, he will be the one we currently attribute the title of "The Antichrist" and the other is the Son of Man, the King of Kings, what most mistakenly call "the second coming of christ". Both will come from the same place, city of God, the true city of God, on the far east. A lot of people who know this much will fall for any blue bright meteors somewhere on Russia, just to exemplify the one last week.

Nobody is at a similar level of many major characters on through out history, like Isaac, David, Solomon, Jacob, Job, Joshua, the prophets, etc... Eventually he will be a notch higher though, but not by his own power. :D

This is quite like those kids comparing super heroes. Like the mightiest man is still below the lowest of the angels kind of thing. They do care about this hierarchy stuff more than we do, most of us are too concerned about what we will eat this day.

Even then still far below Jesus. So no, not God in the flesh, if you think, believe or say that, you will be surelly cast out, because thats subrepticious way to make you deny Jesus or shows that you dont have a proper understanding of their hierarchies and they offended.

The Bible itself tells you his name. It gives you many other data, like the city where he is from, what he will do, what he can do, how he behaves, what he will have to go through, even the limits of what he knows and can do.

I believe its all there codified on the Bible, and each person can see some parts of the mysteries, with always more and more to learn. I just wonder how much does people who have diligently seeked that wisdom managed to figure out. The whole thing is an incredibly advanced puzzle its hard to describe its complexity.
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