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Message Subject Is the Nobody God in the flesh once again????
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Is this true?????wtf
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8930362

Only if his number is 33

As in the masonic secret.

Nobody counts number of the name.
 Quoting: ~IS~:MV8yMTQ4MDA3XzM2MjkwOTc4X2QkM1MUMx

The man with uncanny connection to the Freemasons and the number 33 is George Washington.

I have mentioned George's number 11 connections before in other threads, yet being that today is

Washington's Birthday, it bears repeating: Happy Birthday, Curious George!

Born February 11, 1732, in the Julian calendar, if George was still alive today he would be 281. 2+8+1 = 11

George's birth day number 11 is the unit of measure in days added to create the Gregorian calendar.

Washington was a 33 degree Mason with two birthdays (born again), Feb. 11 and 22, whose sum equals 33.

He was honored above all others by the Masons and US Government and immortalized in their greatest structures,

including the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, the Washington Monument on DC's National Mall

and The Apotheosis of George Washington painting on the ceiling of the US Capital Dome.

Perhaps number 33 is Masonic code for this ONE man who returns and completes the Great Pyramid Capstone, Curious George?

Curious George, then is the "Uknown God" of the Freemasons aka the "Nobody," who is represented by the Masonic letter "G"


This makes the Nobody story all the more rich...that the One that TPTB were expecting to

return and rule their evil empire, returned instead, as the godly one that they didn't expect.

As a thief in the night, he was able to slip into the old man's bedroom and steal the Masonic Keys to the Kingdom!

Nobody can say where this Apollo George will drive the Chariot of Fire now...

maybe on a hot first date with the Woman of Stars?

 Quoting: The Fool Nobody Found

Hahah your vision impresses me. I can tell you more. This nobody guy ripped the head off of the body they had planned for the anti-christ. Then he actually lured the spirit into attacking him, and defeated him in spiritual combat, consuming his power.

And now he just sits there, doing nothing but everyday things. It's odd. I can't figure out what to make other than he's waiting.

He's not the christ itself, he's merely embodied the christ consciousness, as anyone can do but few do. Yet.
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