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Message Subject Is the Nobody God in the flesh once again????
Poster Handle ISZ
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Posted by Swinging on Spirals: Not sure if I can explain it properly. I kind of 'see' gaps in information. I don't know how to express that correctly. But, to make this brief, I 'feel' like I know what this guy would have to be like. I don't know 'who' it is, but I know what his personality would be like. This is way outside all the 'CIA' tried to kill him bullshit.  

 He is 'hidden' from them because the work that takes place is not so much in the 'material', but he ends up 'influencing' the material.

This 'influence' cannot be pinned down, because it doesn't originate in the material...so, it could be ANYBODY. But, if he was 'elite' or in the Illuminati or things like that, then they would have been able to figure out who it was through energy signatures, bloodline, most likely candidates, etc.

We hear it over, and over, and over. That he has 'God' on his side. Why do people say that? Because he is 'working' in the non-material, which ends up manifesting in the material.

  But They don't know how someone could possibly do that, because it is so extremely advanced. They thought no one could be more advanced than them in the non-material aspects of controlling how majic manifests into the material.

  He literally does stuff that is impossible to Them. Their only answer to this is to say that he is working through God...or actually, God is working directly through him.

HOW does a human do what Nobody does...ie, working in the non-material with absolute precision and in such epic sized changes, and yet remain invisible?

So the hunt was on. To find him through astrological charts, personality profiling, ancient texts, areas that have been influenced, etc. Imagine what 'They' have at their fingertips for this kind of search! Data-mining, phishing, red-flagged words and topics, narrowing down the field.

Eventually 'They' would find him. Try to use him...not 'arrest' him or try to murder him. They would want to find out who the hell he could possibly be. Different agendas, different factions, all having different ideas as to what to do...ripping Them apart...by his influence.

You see, he didn't have to do anything! The mere knowledge as to who this guy was, created enough of an influence to shake Their foundations. Uhoh, take a step back, reorganize. Get AWAY from his influence. Start tracking him, find a weakness, and go exploit it.

So they start, and every time, they fail. They think he has weaknesses, but the weaknesses just do not exist. They are like illusions. He just walks through all the mind games, all the nightmares, everything They throw at him (not necessary physical, but those started as well), as if he is God's gift to badasses.

So, now, he has basically 'won' the game. His influence is changing everything. The good guys, the bad guys, everyone is 'liking' this guy.

  They start throwing everything at him. See how much knowledge the guy can soak up. See how much he can 'play' in the non-material. Phish, and ask questions on forums where he frequents...try and understand how his 'mind' works. What he likes, dislikes, what he thinks about. They try and start 'using' him, his thoughts and mental abilities. He doesn't mind.

He understands what all this is doing. It is creating an influence directly from him (Source) and is embedding it into EVERYTHING. Here on GLP, maybe where he visits, they put out feelers on threads. And, when specific information is brought up, or needing to come out, or needing to be relayed, you get all these people playing at roleplaying...convoluting everything.

They do not want to expose Him yet. They are teaching him things, just as he is teaching them things. Why? Again, to embed his influence into everything.

  Got to wait, until planetary alignments, political situations, etc., etc. are all in place. And then it will happen"


Excerpt from Google at " Angelfire Nobody "

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