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Who Thinks "The Bible" Is "The Word of God"

Anonymous Coward
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02/24/2013 02:11 AM
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Re: Who Thinks "The Bible" Is "The Word of God"

I think you should read it.

God can make it alive to you.

I am not against the scriptures. I love to read them...

It's just that they are not the word of God. They contain the words of God, spoken in the past.

Plus don't forget prophecies in the scriptures and those that pertain to the last days.

I'm not going to lie, I just had the sudden urge to read as much of the Bible as I can lol. I've been through the Bible, but I dont truly KNOW it... Thank you for this :)
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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8407446

You are right the bible is not the word of god or the words of god.The bible and all other books of scripture from all religions have some sort of truth but very little.God is the God of love and any scripture that is contrary to that fact is not the words of god.The scriptures talk about Jesus and say God put him on the cross to save humanity is this an act from a loving God.Would he kill one to save another,no.Would he command Abraham to kill Issac and put Abraham in a deep depression over the thought,no because that is an unloving act,God only acts in love.God loves everybody even if you despise him and don't believe in him or Jesus he even loves hitler and the likes but because of our free will we will either choose good or bad and the consequences will be or are being fettered out in our lives whether in this life or the next by the law of compensation and the law of attraction.The greatest blasphemy of all is the worship of Jesus as God.God is God and there is none like him, none.Jesus was a mere man just like us only he was sinless which makes him the closest to God and his teachings in the bible were distorted by the writers who didn't understand what he was saying.Jesus's teachings were to pray with faith for Gods divine love to come into or enter our souls, this divine love is the only thing that can transform our souls and brings us closer to him not the amount of love we have for him or Jesus. i could go on forever but i won't.i guess my point is any scripture that is unloving in nature is a misunderstanding or misquote or evil intention of the writer.