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Message Subject Obama refuses to back local inhabitants over Falklands
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Do people think the evil British stole these islands from the poor Argentinians? That's bullshit, the Argies never owned or occupied them! For a few centuries they were used as temporary ports by the French and Spanish, but when the British first occupied them, nearly 200 years ago, these are the inhabitants they found:

"Also taken on board, Duncan reported, "were the whole of the (Falklands') population consisting of about forty persons, with the exception of some 'gauchos', or cowboys who were encamped in the interior." The group, principally German citizens from Buenos Aires, "appeared greatly rejoiced at the opportunity thus presented of removing with their families from a desolate region where the climate is always cold and cheerless and the soil extremely unproductive".

So the present inhabitants, although they may be of British descent, are the only people who ever lived here properly and established a community. It's not even in Agentinian territorial waters.
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