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Message Subject Obama refuses to back local inhabitants over Falklands
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was talking about this with a friend, and he said Obama probably secretly hates the British because of what they did to his grandfather, soI googled him andgot this:

Mr Obama’s paternal grandfather Hussein Onyango Obama was part of the Kenyan independence movement when he was arrested in 1949 and jailed for two years. His family allege he was tortured by his British guards to extract information about the insurgency.

“The African warders were instructed by the white soldiers to whip him every morning and evening till he confessed,” said Sarah Onyango, Hussein Onyango’s third wife, told the Times. Mrs Onyango, who Mr Obama calls Granny Sarah, described how “white soldiers” carried out “disciplinary action”. “He said they would sometimes squeeze his testicles with parallel metallic rods. They also pierced his nails and buttocks with a sharp pin, with his hands and legs tied together with his head facing down,” she told the paper.

[link to www.telegraph.co.uk]

Wow. You learn something new every day.
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