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Message Subject Manned Mission to Mars Bumped to 2018!!!!
Poster Handle Dr. Charles Norris
Post Content
No private company will ever be allowed to compete in a serious way with NASA.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29377269

With all due respect NASA pays private efforts even to create space elevators which is an idea inspired by Arthur Clark who borrowed it from Russians in first place:

And I'd like to humbly remind you the astronaut who was supposed to be one of the first men on the moon said NASA needed at least 10 years to go to the moon rather than 2. Hence his statement when not even communications were working was the put a lemon in Apollo (reference to awful Citröen 2CV). Not only he and his buddies were burnt alive but also died Brian Welch, NASA spokeman after asking them to provide evidence to the trip to the moon. Of course some uninformed people would swallow the idea of people dying of heart attack at the "right" moment (like captain Ron Evans from Apollo 17 when he was 57)just like Russian astronauts dissapearing from photo. Just a week after the safety overseer of Apollo 1 construction, Thomas Ronald Baron, did a 500-pages report about the impossibility of the flight to the moon (which vanished like those Apollo original tapes) the man dies in a car 'accident'.... do you remember the car accident in the film about Mars hoax, Capricorn One, and the threat to astronauts lives and families???? Astronaut Pete Conrad from Apollo 12 was gonna testify the truth during the Apollo's 30's anniversary and dies a week later.

Do you understand now why astronaut Armstrong was reluctant to make speeches and when he was old enough and sick of everything (probaly the Apollo 11 Hollywood stars because they became the most important actors of the world) said their flight was like the one of PARROTS (bad flight and repeat everything they hear)....

Now they talk about perils of radiation but most people in the world ignore and swallow about VAN ALLEN belt. In Chernobyl, Russia, the atomic radiation which STILL affects people and mutate them... when there was the evacuation was about 6 millisievert (mSv) per hour while Van Allen is calculated 600 mSv per hour. That mSv is higher dosage than roentgen=1 rad. That WITHOUT MENTIONING solar winds and solar activity was top from 1969 to 1972 (during Apollo 11 there were 65 sunspots per day or 585 in 9 days)and those meteorides in the moon without atmosphere which travel to 80.462 km per hour or 10 times faster than a bullet while stupid astronauts are playing soccer with the rocks on video recordings. Of course, of course, the simple solution of the problem -they say- is Apollo XI didn't pass through SAMA magnetic anomaly in Atlantic South but the intense parts of Van Allen in a 'short' exposition...

In 1998 when the bus shuttle flew to one of its top 'altitudes', 350 miles, hundreds of kilometers BELOW the beginning of Van Allen radiation, the astronauts were able to see radiation passing through the "protection" because it was already DAMAGING their retinas even with closed eyes.

Sure they will go to Mars!!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34899519

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