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Message Subject Manned Mission to Mars Bumped to 2018!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Let's face it we don't have enough data to know the truth. Even Apollo 11 astronauts at the very first interview they couldn't remember if they saw stars or not! I mean, it's not about digesting again the same old arguments about photographs but their own statements didn't make any sense and they were very tense. Looks like old Stanley Kubrick Orange Clock thing about altering the mind to make them suffer if they try to remember things.
So, those jumps we see in documentaries don't correspond to 1/6th gravity of the earth on the moon. Thus, even the myth busters just recreate the same thing we see in those films: a combo of wires and slow motion,period. Even the jeeps look like being driven in Dakkar dune sands!
So, we are not provided with enough information if they were really on the moon but later on, if they did travel with a technology which they can't say openly because knowledge is power and USA wouldn't share their secrets with anyone else or if they were aided by aliens. I believe it's been a hoax like all the others including wars with less American casualties or hiding the real suffering, the chaos and havoc created in all 50 countries "visited" by American army, the hiding of HAARP and other weapons which have destroyed American lives, the World Trade Center inside job, the assassination of presidents and leaders and so on.... just another fiasco among many others.
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