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Message Subject Magnitude 9.0+ Earthquake(s) On The Way
Poster Handle Solar Guardian
Post Content
Yes you read the title of my thread correctly, at least one MAGNITUDE 9.0+ EARTHQUAKE is(are) set to take the world by storm.

How did i become privy to this type of earth shattering information you may ask? Well the fact of the matter is it was in my dream(s) and my sleeping consciousness does not lie.

My dreams become fact because they are reality before it actually happens. 9.4 and 9.7 are the strongest possibilities but anything 9.? will become certainty in the coming days(weeks).

Feel free to take and process this important information any way you wish. I have taken my inherited warnings very seriously and it is up to you as an individual how you react to my generosity in regards to taking the time to share this information with absolute strangers.

My job is done merely by posting this thread.

This(these) earthquake(s) could strike anywhere for all i know. Whether it(they) affect you directly or indirectly or not at all i cannot say.

Obviously there will be thousands if not millions or even billions of casualties. Hopefully whoever reads this will still be standing come this devastatingly catastrophic soon to arrive event.

I wish you all the best but unfortunately mass fatalities are an inevitability and cannot be avoided.

Unearthly intervention is our only hope.

I am Daniel.
 Quoting: I am Daniel 35005897

OMG SHIN THIS PIT!!!!! gaspgaspshockedscaredaloneahhh
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