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Message Subject Magnitude 9.0+ Earthquake(s) On The Way
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: Revo/elation

He is right but there will be 4 earthquakes of 9 or greater on the magnitude scale centered in Los Angeles, the Pacific Northwest, the South Pacific, and Japan and maybe Indonesia or Europe or Asia all by June 2013. These will produce massive Tsunamies, undersea volcanoes going off from the plate cracking to Antartica melting the ice sheet causing a 160 foot ocean rise. The date these earthquakes will happen are around February 28 to March 4 of 2013, March 25 2013, April 15-30, and May-June 1 2013. These will be the worst earthquakes in modern history up to this point. But worse ones are still beyond that in the years ahead.
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