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How to Obtain a Farmers Grant?

User ID: 33405435
United States
02/23/2013 10:58 AM
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How to Obtain a Farmers Grant?
I am trying to find out what steps one would take to apply for a farmers grant. I have been on GLP for some time now, and there is a great deal of people on here who have a vast archive of information surrounding topics such as these. I need a little information on where to start, or the processes involved in getting a farmers grant, or even a grant loan. I have a few good ideas for future plans, and one of them involves getting land. I have the land picked out, but due to a few technicality's, I will have to find financial support somewhere other then my own pockets. And a farmers grant is what I have in mind. Is there any body able to help in this area here on GLP?