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Message Subject CONFIRMED: The Vatican is Prepping For Pope John Paul To RISE From The Dead
Poster Handle cmoG530
Post Content
You realize all of this bullshit is made up right? If anything remotely close to the "bible prophecy" comes true it is only because 1) legitimate prohphecy was taken from pre Christian doctrine and adopted as Christian (like every other part of the fairy tale) of 2) those who have and always will use religion as the ultimate weapon of power will make those things happen in grand theatrical manner to keep everyone hooked on the lie.
 Quoting: mr.goodbytes

Prove it.
 Quoting: cmoG530

ok easy. There is absolutely no historical account of anyone remotely close to Jesus. All of the stories in the NT come from several other old world religions (just like Islam is a fabrication based on bible stories). Not to mention the areas Jesus was supposedly going around spreading rainbows and sunshine in was inundated by war when he was supposedly doing so.
All of this is provable whereas your "take my word for it" approach is...well...less than scientific...so *kick*

Balls in your court.
 Quoting: mr.goodbytes

You didn't prove anything though. Sources? Documentation? Witness accounts?
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