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Message Subject CONFIRMED: The Vatican is Prepping For Pope John Paul To RISE From The Dead
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here is my mystery: I made a video 08 26 2012 of a room in our house. Looked at it 2 weeks ago, in November. Was astounded to find voices on it directed at me, speaking my name. Here is the jist of it.

An authoritative white caucasian sounding man of about 35-45 calls me by name and tells me he knows of the ring of Gehziah or Gehdia or Josiah (couldn't make out word exactly), and states that my daughter, who he names, is aware of it. He has an accent of some sort, East Coast, British, Australian maybe, and clipped sentences. He pronounces ir like uh. As in fuhst for first. He says, "(My name), I know of the ring of gehziah... (my name), are you listening to me?...(My daughters name) already knows."

He then asks if I am going to show up on the Vatican Queen or not. "Are you going to show up on the Vatican Queen or not?"

He then says "K i i i n n n g D a a a vv i i i d"
all drawn out like that, like he is worshiping me or something in the room.

Then there is noise like an air terminal or other large cavernous place.

Then he sounds as if he is signing off, saying "John Paul, U.A.N."

Next I hear him sound flustered and say, "I am well aware of that."

Then comes on the voice of a black woman about 18-25 with American southern voice saying, "Beeeee whatever ju be."

I have an older Blackberry. The only thing I had on in the room was a laptop set on a search page screen.

I will not share the video, as like I said the man calls me and my daughter by our names and I don't want this exposed.

Also, I have allowed 5 other people to watch and listen to this and they hear everything too, it is not imagination, it is loud and clear.

Last week a friend gave me the book, "The Harbinger" to read. It mentions Josiah, a good king God loved, that KEPT THE NATION FROM DESTRUCTION ALL BECAUSE OF HIS LOVE FOR GOD AND HIS PRAYERS AND GOOD DEEDS.

Now, my daughter is very religious and does not drink or do drugs, and she is always helping people. She wears a promise ring that girls get who resolve to wait till they are married to have sex.

It dawned on me that SHE is a Josiah, and that our nation is currently not being destroyed because of all the Josiahs here, the good people who are still praying and trying to do good deeds.

Does this mean the man in the EVP was on the side of God?

Does this mean we should all join the Catholic Church?
 Quoting: Who is Blue Fairy

Also, U A N means "one" in Latin and "Lamb" in Gaelic. Maybe they are expecting John Paul II but is it possible it is John Paul I that is leaving EVP's on cell phone videos?
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